Danish art paintings by Charlotte Marseillais

I was born in 1966 and grew up in a village in Southern Jutland in Denmark, where nature is a gift for the creative mind. My art studio is located in a beautiful old farm building from 1711, which is the first farm that was built after manor houses were shut down here in the neighborhood.

My art paintings are painted intuitively in a symbolic language, and have gone through several changes, both in color and style. My icons are painted on wood from old doors etc from the farm, which has its own colorful history.

In the summer of 2009, I got a closer connection to Italy in particular after having exhibited some of my paintings in Torno at Como Lake that summer. At the same time I participated in a 24-hour painting competition in Torno and the 3 weeks I was there I´ve painted 5 new icons. You can see some photos of them here: Torno - photos.

And I have participated in "Florence Biennale" in Italy in December 2009 together with 650 other artists. Two of the paintings I´ll brought to the Florence Biennale is shown in art gallery 7. I was interviewed at the Florence Biennale Exhibition, and you can watch the video on Youtube here: Charlotte Marseillais on Youtube .

My latest exhibitions have been in Berlin in the summer 2010 and the fall 2010 on the beatiful Faroe Islands.

If you would like to contact me regarding my paintings please send me a mail:  or reach me on phone number +45 74 68 61 29 or mobile phone +45 25 70 68 04.